LOCHARD J. - Stakeholder Engagement in Regaining Decent Living Conditions after Chernobyl
In: Social and Ethical Aspects of Radiation Risk Management, Oughton D., Hansson S.O. (Eds.), Radioactivity in the Environment, Vol. 9, Elsevier, 2013, pp. 311-331

The paper presents an overview of the ETHOS Project, which by several aspects brought a new insight into the long-term rehabilitation strategy after a nuclear accident or a radiological event. Section 17.2 describes briefly the key features of the situation of the population in the contaminated territories of the Community of Independent States (CIS) in the mid-90s that led to the implementation of the Project. Section 17.3 presents a short insight about the methodological and ethical basis of the approach and the two phases of the Projects with their main results. Section 17.4 and 17.5 present respectively the lessons learnt through the project and their impacts on the long-term rehabilitation strategy for contaminated territories.